Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a highly enjoyable variant of poker and is one game that has managed to attract a healthy number of casino games players over the years. The game is really quite simple to learn and like many other card based casino games involves playing against the house.

Each player begins by placing their ante on the table. After the dealer announces the closing of all bets, each player is then dealt five cards, which are placed face down. The dealer on the other hand also receives five cards, although one of these will be placed on the table face up.

Based on the dealer’s face up card and their own hand players will then make a decision to either fold or place a bet that is two times the value of their original ante. Once all of the players have finished making their move, the dealer reveals his or her hole cards. The dealer is only allowed to play with an Ace, a King or a higher card. The winner of the game is the player with the highest hand.