PC Casino Games

Here is a list of PC casino games:

1. Yahtzee Texas Hold `Em
This casino games features vibrant graphics, achievement trophies, and endless possibilities. The roll-and-score fun of YAHTZEE meets the thrilling strategy of Texas Hold ’em. Score the top 5-dice hand using 2 personal dice in the pocket and 5 more that are up-for-grabs for everyone in order to beat your opponent.

2. Fashion Solitaire
This casino game is a unique fusion of an age- old classic with today’s sizzling fashions, presented by Lifetime Television. Fashion solitaire is considered as the hottest fashion casino game of the season, with its more than 45 levels of engaging solitaire game play and millions of designer options.

3. Fairway Solitaire
This PC casino game is a mash up of the classic solitaire card game and the golf, which includes 70 unique courses in many wild locations. With this game, cards double as golf clubs and playing cards. Scores are recorded and ranked against all other players on the same computer. Why don’t you try to become the Fairway Solitaire Grand Champion!

4. Jewel Quest Solitaire 2
This PC casino game is a card-playing adventure through Africa. Emma, the character, travels into the depths of Africa to find her missing husband, Jewel Quest’s hero, Rupert. With this game, you can play impressive layouts of solitaire against rich, vibrant backgrounds. In order to increase your score in jewel matching madness, you need to play your cards wisely and earns jewels in the board.

5. Poker Superstars III
This PC casino game raises the stakes with new superstars, new gold chips to win for great plays and a brand new challenge play mode.